When I first started working with Angela Casey, she had a small, dog-eared poster of a car and a bike on her office wall. Under the picture of the car were the words “this one runs on money and makes you fat” and under the bike was written (you’ve guessed it), “this one runs on fat and saves you money”. A silly saying that stuck in my mind as I observed my co-worker energized and happily commuting by bike while I dragged myself to and from the bowels of the subway. Intrigued though I was, I thought it would be too difficult for me to bike from Etobicoke.

In 2013, I had just come back from a second maternity leave after having my son. Like many new parents, I was feeling pretty defeated by a lack of personal time. I was out of shape. Despite a supportive spouse, I couldn’t find my way around getting to a gym or carving out time to workout at home. So I bought a cheap bike and planned out my route.

The first ride was hard. I had to stop midway to catch my breath. But I was also exhilarated: speeding along Lake Ontario, a sunny, perfect June day, feeling stupidly accomplished and content. More than a decade later, despite the occasional spill and stolen bike seat, biking to the office is usually one of the best parts of my day. There is something about exercising and being outside that lifts the mood and clears the mind.

Each year, Baycrest raises funds for dementia research through a charity bike ride on the Gardiner and DVP.  Research is continuing to establish that there is a connection between exercise and brain health, so the event is a fitting one. Our firm has participated the last two years and we’ll do so again this year. Some of our family members are participating too. My 11 year old son is already talking about the tasty corporate team buffet at the end. Whatever gets you motivated to get moving is a good thing IMHO.

Angelique Moss
Partner, Casey & Moss LLP


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