Dying with Dignity Canada is a charitable organization that is 100% funded by private donations. The work of their national chapter is probably best known. It engages in advocacy, in particular to expand access to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID). However, Dying with Dignity’s local chapters are committed to community education on a variety of topics related to end of life, including how to access care, what the available options are, what questions to ask and what information to consider in decision making. This is practical, accessible information that can be of real use to families faced with tough decisions. As a starting place, their website has a variety of information and educational resources.

Local chapters run lunch and learn sessions and other educational seminars, and will respond to enquiries for private sessions geared towards a specific audience. Their sessions can educate attendees on palliative care and practical tips for individuals and their families trying to get the best care that will meet their goals, whatever those may be and in their individual circumstances.


Laura Cardiff 

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